Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bhutan Sets Guinness Book of World Record

This is the most Noble competition - the planting of trees for setting world record by 100 men in one hour. 49672 is not a small number as it sounds. The hundred team men had done a great job. Congratulations.
Even if the record is not broken the efforts were not going to go in vain (I thought initially) but the fact that you have broken the record was great news for all the fellow countrymen. You made us feel proud with your enormous effort.

It is the dedication to the fourth king and the immeasurable respects for the monarchs that had given the extra boost of energy to the team to accomplish the daunting task of breaking the record of 40000 plus trees planted by Indian Army in the states of Assam.

The support rendered by the concerned departments and the people involved in the logistics cannot be forgotten. The record maybe set in one hour but the preparations must have taken a long duration like: nurturing the saplings for an appropriate age and heights, mobilization of resources and coordinating various other things.

It is hoped that all 49672 trees grows to the full girth and height proclaiming the proudest moment of  all the Bhutanese today for ages and ages hence, even when the records stands no more in the Guinness book of world records.

It would take more efforts and time to nurture all the trees and make them grow like siblings born on the same day. The barren land might have been barren for a reason. So it would take expertise and care to make it green and nothing is apt other than the Guinness book of world record to encourage the follow up actions hereafter.

It had moved and touched the heart of any patriotic citizen and we are proud of you all. I shed tears seeing our revered queen mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck feeling so elated and giving a congratulatory speech that I watched in BBS TV.  Congrats.

Decades and decades from now we would be looking at the trees of same height with a walking sticks in hand, among the grand children and say, "I was there during the times of plantation of these trees for the world record" with pride brimming till the zenith as if being  there during the times of Achilles in Greece.