Thursday, 25 June 2015

Food Poisoning

When you are suffocated by the stench of the belch of your own and when you feel rats running in the stomach coupled with loose motion that is the time you know that you have consumed something bad and you are suffering from food poisoning. If the food poisoning is severe it would make you bed ridden. Getting to the cause of the food poisoning is easy for you have to just think about what all you have consumed in the last meal.

I am reminded of this topic because I m suffering from a mild case of food poisoning. The moment I had that stinky belch I came to know that I was suffering from food poisoning and I had a dinner out. The dinner itself was good there was nothing suspiciously deep fried to conceal the rotten smell. So I thought the poisoning was not from the food or from the menus of the dinner, but it left a bad taste in my mouth ummm stomach. I went one step back and I got the answer.

The changpa, which may consist of the peanut, fried meat, chili or chips that we are so fond of eating with the drinks are the main cause of concern for food poisoning. With liquor going inside, we tend to not to care after that, any anything on the table is edible barring the containers. Were the peanuts that I consumed last night spoilt? I have experienced eating a piece of spoilt peanut and I nearly puked by the pungent smell together with equal amount of pungent taste oozed by the nuts. That night I had a quarter plate full of peanuts and if it is spoilt I can’t eat even one.

The culprit was the beef fry. It was deep fried with lots of spices and onion. Why didn’t I notice the deliberate camouflage of the spoiled meat? When you are high with beer the senses puts their guard down and that’s what had happened exactly with my sense of smell and taste. I could neither smell the rotten meat nor feel the taste. That is why I had to suffer the aftermath of my own deeds.
The greater fault lies with the cook and the proprietor of that restaurant and the agencies who are paid to look after the quality of the things served. When the meat is oozing a rotten stench it indicates that it is not supposed to be eaten or cooked. Looking for a little profit a person may lose the life. Had it been anyone other than the Bhutanese - who are accustomed and immunized naturally against eating slightly rotten stuff – that person might die.

We can’t go on complaining and tarnishing the dignity of the place and the country, I am writing this with utmost regret but then this is how we must improve. The responsibility of the buyers would be not to buy and eat from the restaurant if there are other options available.

The bigger responsibility needs to be borne by the restaurants and the eateries owners to not to cook with rotten or slightly rotten stuff especially meat, to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, and above all to serve with honesty and sincerity treating the customer as a source of income and not the other way round.

Suing for the discomfort is a distant possibility; I have not eaten all the meat last time so there must be some balance left. So bon appetite! If you happen to be from the same locality and failed to read this

 In the mean time I am off to ………