Monday, 22 June 2015


I learned from the media about the father’s day. I myself being a father I do not know whether I am doing justice to that job. Like all parents I do not have any experience in parenting to be a good father. I follow my instincts and try to be a good father myself and whether I am good or not I leave it for my children to judge me.

On this day I try to remember my own father who is no more on this planet, this makes all the more easier for me to express my thoughts. It is the tendency of us the humans to know the value of something only when we do not have it and express the great things about a person only when the person is no more.

My father is a role model on his own way for me, despite being handicapped by not being literate but he taught himself how to read and write in dzongkha himself. I am still amazed by the numbers of prayers that he knows by heart (barchelamsay, dema, guru soldep, etc), which he never fails to recite early in the morning waking us up with a soothing sound of the prayers. I do not recite prayers myself until he was gone. Now I recite all the prayers that he recited just like that. I just felt like reciting and now I m fluent in doing so but not without looking at the script.

I have seen my father go through so many hardships. The sacrifices made by him for us would never be forgotten. All the lessons that he had taught us would be remembered fondly always….


It was because I saw your suffering
That I do not mind the hardship

It was because I saw you persevere
That I do not lose my hope easily

It was because I saw your resilience
That I never get discouraged

It was because I saw you shiver in cold
That I do not mind the cold

It was because I saw you perspire
That I do not mind the heat

It was because I saw you share
That made me compassionate

It was because I saw you pray
That made me religious

It was because I saw you struggle with print literature
That I was encouraged to study hard

You taught me all the lessons of life
I am what I am because of you

The skill of handling a farm and cattle could not be acquired
As your time to leave came a bit earlier than expected

This I know I would regret
When my time comes to leave the comfort of job.

Like all good people you departed earlier
For they are wanted more in heaven than earth

I look up on this day (father's day)
Expecting you look down and guide me spiritually.

Happy father's day to all.