Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Aura of Civil Service

Even when the job in the civil service is as small as being a peon there is an aura in that post. The unexplainable halo surrounding the personality of the individual which can be seen missing only after the person retires from the service. What is causing that halo affect?

It may be because of the general feeling of security that he cannot be thrown out from the service just by the boss declaring “You are fired!!” like in some private companies. There is also sense of security after retiring also due to the pension scheme rightly brought in by the visionary monarch.

It may be because the food, shelter and clothing are guaranteed by being employed in the government service. With authorized paid leave and other welfares like being paid while sick and not productive at all also, makes the person feel good and secure helping him to raise his head high and walk tall.

The sense of belonging to an organization and the care provided by the organization also helps in making the person feel wanted and worthy of living. Therefore he shines without having to worry about the basic requirement in life.

Once one businessman said that, those people who are in government service lives longer; he was also of the opinion that that government service elongates the life and retiring from which they pass away. He had seen many who passed away immediately after resigning.  That may be true due to the ‘feel good’ feelings that the government service provides which we fail to see and feel it unless we are out of it. Or people resign at the fag end of their life that they are left with only a few years or months to survive according to the average life expectancy of the nation.

The constant requirement of reporting and monitoring by the organization even when on leave may be construed as hassles. But when all that hassles are gone the feelings of loneliness may set in as if caring hands over ones head is being removed and would long for the harassments of the jobs. Perhaps due to becoming habituated and addicted to the routines of the job or the ‘feelings of harassments’ getting changed to that of ‘feelings care’ - a changed in perception from a different positions. 

Just as a fish does not feel the importance of water unless it is out of it……..