Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Legs of Infantry

As I look down on the pair of legs
I am just amazed by the distance it covered
From Ralarasi to Karpa, Periphery to Khandwa
From Sitla Rao to Clouds end 

The names hard to obliterate
Being covered on foot fueled with sweat and raw josh
In NDA and IMA and other hostile places
And even now once in a while it bears the burden

Being in infantry the legs are important device
Traversing new places, if eyes can see foot can access
“There is no obstacle for infantry” saying goes
True to this saying my foot lives

The invention of wheels
And the Wright brothers’ effort
For us have a little effect
For we are foot soldier to the core

Number of DMS and trekking boots torn
Would have its strength proven
For I only know how many boots gave way
As we tread along the forsaken way

Serviceability of our foot brings peace to the nation
And bread on our plate, not to mention
That there is nothing inaccessible
When infantry is commanded to trample