Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Equalizer

Is there anything that treats everyone equal?
I wonder, inside the tent, tired from a day’s walk.
Some people work too much and paid too little
Some people gets paid just by moving their lips

The world is unfair in so many ways
Buddhists like blaming the karma
It is easier that way, perhaps to blame the past
Past deeds leading to today’s sufferings, uncanny for some

Sometimes when you feel dejected
You wish for some sort of equalizer
Sometimes when you notice things are awry
You wish for an unprejudiced alignment

Oh! Yes death; death is the best equalizer
Rich or poor, powerful or weak
All are equal in the eyes of death
Not a pin, can be carried when we die

The timing of death’s coming is varied and unknown
But it would certainly come and no one would escape
The greatest equalizer of all without bias or partiality
With one strike makes whole life’s effort futile

Oh death, I know and have seen that
Fearing you won’t help delay you
Challenging you won’t help impede you
When the time comes, you just come no matter what

Solving all the cases and issues
Without a single finger being pointed at you
For you are one uncorrupted equalizer
Looming above everyone’s head and waiting.