Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Statement to the life

I, after being warned by the board of life would like to state the following without fear or prejudice but truthfully and honestly.

The life had taught me many good lessons. To be straightforward and to abide by the law was the things that is taught and advised by many leaders, elders and the friends alike. It is the most difficult things to be done without a strong self righteousness and formidable denial known through experience by my residing on this planet for more than three decades and in the country called Bhutan.

I had an opportunity to see the developed world namely Australia. The corrupt practices that I have seen there was almost nil and the integrity, honesty, sincerity and the work ethics are so immaculate to be gone unnoticed.

Trying to emulate the honesty and integrity back home had brought me more enemies than friends. Here the rules need to be bent, turned and skirted and I am amazed that it can be done that way. Rising of my diminutive voice was of no opposition to the mass murder of the system existing peacefully followed and accepted by all. Slowly I too realize that it is easier to go with the flow making the contribution and purpose of my life as insignificant.

I would also like to state that I was taught to be truthful always. I forgot that advice the moment I got into trouble in the school days trying to be truthful and got punished and my friends who lied went scot-free. Honesty is the best policy. Oh! Really! Had I been honest couple of my friends would have been divorced already. Had I been honest and the authority had taken action couple of my colleagues would have lost the jobs already. Had I been honest and straight forward, I would have made more enemies than friends.

Now please do not tell me to be what I am not. It took me more than thirty years to shape what I am today, stumbling over, getting up, learning and keeping in mind what is good and what is not good. Now I understand why Buddha said to “follow the middle path”. And when I am doing that please do not increase my enemies accumulated in the process of learning the middle path and how far the edges of the middle path could stretch.

Sometimes you can see people becoming wealthy so fast. In the absence of the lottery thing in Bhutan, it won’t need the knowledge of a rocket science to determine how the wealth is accumulated. It is like a Chinese goods being sold in the market; the investigation from the result backwards are avoided perhaps following the middle path. And I regret to point it out here that is how I fear of telling the truth, when that truth may be likely to hurt other people.

I hope that the board of life would be satisfied with my above statement and will not ask me to divulge further in the region of love, relationships, loyalty and other humanely emotions/connections ridden with flaws and secrecy. It is only those who gets caught are the ones getting punished. Whether you like it or not we do not have and should not have that much strong denial to accept these facts.

I sign this statement as not as correct and the board members are advised to follow the middle path to digest this statement.

NB:(It is work of imagination and refers to no individual whether living or dead)