Thursday, 14 May 2015

Running and me

I have chosen a profession that had made the running an integral part of my life. no, I am not a marathon runner nor any professional runners. But in the profession where I am running is what needs to be done to achieve any goal.

The rigorous training for the three years it was all about running mostly besides a little break for the lectures and some indoor classes. It was like running interrupted with meals and lectures and classes. It was good as made us look fit and burned everything that we consumed on the mess table and even more. The constant running made us look like a malnourished person if not for the agility and speed.

The running did not leave me even when I passed out from the academy and became an officer. Most of the time it was the young officers detailed for the training of the troops and mostly it was the running thing is the main thing that is imparted apart from some classes on tactics. The life of the soldiers begins with a good run commonly referred to as ‘paytee.’ Running with your company increased the bonding and the attachment as told to us by the seniors. Running with the company, lifts the moral of the troops. With all those theories expounded by authority more than research, more than half the life was spent on running even after the arduous training.

After achieving a good seniority, I thought that I would get myself detached from running, but that became impossible because now running had become my habit. So I ran and ran. The twisting of my ankle while playing football help me drop that habit and finally got myself divorced from running. But the recent medical checkup showed that my blood pressure is rising and I am little overweight, and the solution is running says the doctor.

Now I run for the medical benefits of it. And I am still attached to running and getting separated from it would be impossible as it is coming in my life in one form or other.

Just like the story about the animals in Sahara – the gazelle wakes up and thinks if he does not run faster than the fastest cheetah he would not survive and the cheetah thinks that if he does not run faster than the fastest gazelle he would die of hunger.

No matter you are gazelle or a cheetah – get running….