Saturday, 9 May 2015

Phases in Tobacco Use

The use of tobacco is started with a role model, peer pressure or in the process of trying out new things. The phases involved in consumption of tobacco will be tried to be explained later. It is good that the use of tobacco is banned in Bhutan as it is one substance which is good for nothing but still sells like a hot cake. The only use that I came to know was that the chewing tobacco helps in reducing the pain when you have a severe tooth ache.

The first phase of smoking tobacco is when the user flaunts the usage – which sadly cannot be done here in Bhutan and most of the countries that banned smoking in public places after knowing the ill effects to the passive smokers. In this phase the user are normally young and they think that it is a ‘macho’ sort of thing to smoke (in the public). Their lighting up the stick is directly proportional to the numbers of opposite sex that are present there.

The second phase is the addiction phase where user knows the affects of cigarettes on the wallet more than the health. The lighting up of the stick is no more affected by any external factors. It is lit according to the urges that crops out from within. That urge cannot be suppressed anymore and the lighting up the stick becomes almost automatic. Trying to suppress the urge may cause the changes in mood from pleasant to foul always.

Third phase is when the smoker feels the pain near the chest region and when his voice becomes hoarse. He becomes aware of the fact that smokers are not liked by others as he had imagined before. There is a tinge of guilt when he lights up the stick and such smokers never smokes in the public but other come to know that the he smokes because of the scent like that of an ashtray lingering on his body.

Phase after this is the saddest phase; the user either stops or goes to grave with the tobacco related diseases. One who had stopped can be made out by the constant movement of their jaws chewing gums or something. They have a different type of pride on their face like a pride of a soldier who had come after winning a battle. If asked, they would be ready to tell you how strong their will power is and how he had stopped the unstoppable. It is as if he was made addict by the friends or by the government and he had done so much favour to the country by quitting it.

All the phases apply to the chewers too except that the chewers of the tobacco are shy to chew in public (unless he is like Gabbar Singh in Sholay) and there is no passive chewer in chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco had come a long way from Golden Khaini to Baba. I don’t know why it is called chewing tobacco because it does not involve any chewing while taking the tobacco dose. It is kept parked between the lips and the gum and the nicotine permeates through the semi permeable membrane of the gum into the blood streams. (by the process of osmosis).  

Baba is a ready to eat package and preferred by the Bhutanese users. With the banning of tobacco the user might be feeling like a drug dealers with a package of Baba in their pocket. It was also the Baba that showed the lawmakers that it is not always possible to discourage people with tougher punishments.
Whether you want to look macho or you are addicted to it, whether you are trying to look appealing or show sorrow and sadness through a puff of smoke, when the elected member decides it is bad, it is bad. The smokers still wonders how the very people they have elected came after them not caring in which phase they were leaving all the important bills and preferred the tobacco bill to be passed the earliest.