Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Of Life and Anticipation

The anticipation of the worst things
That would happen to you
Is more fearsome than the actual thing
That may happen to you

Standing in line for the injection
From the hypodermic needle
Is more painful than getting a prick
Actually from the needle on your skin  

Standing on the ten meter board
Waiting for your turn to jump
Is more dreadful than the jump
That you take lasting for a few seconds

Seeing the old people die
Following the natural course of birth and death
And our own death approaching day by day
Is more worrisome than the death itself

The additional mark and the lines on the face
The creaking of the joints with bearable pains
Are the signs of the inevitable end
That we fail to take note of or hide it behind with makeup

Whether we worry, dread, fear or feel the pains
When the time for it comes it just happens
Rich or poor, powerful or docile won’t matter
The death cannot be bribed or it is corrupted

Religions teach us to lay good foundations
For the final goodbye by being good always
Some teachings are vastly misinterpreted
And some gain fortunes being the interpreters

It is the fear for the imminent dangers
That we human have, that is manipulated
But it is not that fearful and tough
When you yourself had to undergo the same

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
Be a good human being always
The pieces would fall at its place
Like an auto solving jigsaw puzzle

If whatever happens is predefined
What is the use in trying to change it?
Making oneself vulnerable and wasting effort
Taking life as it comes serves the best.