Monday, 4 May 2015

Happy Teachers Day

Teachers’ day is the only day that is celebrated by all the people because there would be not a single person where he or she had not been taught by a teacher even if it is not in the schools but in other fields and institutes. For those of us who had gone through normal education system we have innumerable teachers who had influenced us in some way or other besides teaching us.

There were teachers who were sincere. There were teachers who were not so sincere. There were teachers who taught by the book. There were teachers who taught without opening the text book. Whatever they may be a guru is a guru and we respected them all and on this day we try to remember them all. As the time passes we tend to forget the names of those teachers who taught us in the early parts of our lives except for some who really made a mark in our memory but if we meet them or bump into them we would surely recognize them.

Alas! Most of my teachers were Indians and you can see the influence of them in my accent, while I speak English. Such are the influence of teachers on the children’s mind that it has a power to influence the accent also. I have known about my accent only when I went abroad once and people there placed me into India listening to me, speaking; later they told me that I have an Indian accent.

With the canes removed from the equation in teaching and the taught it would not be hard to have a pleasant memories of a teachers for the students of today. I can never forget some of the teachers for that reason. The scars on the skin is healed due to time but the scars made in the heart due to free whacking for not knowing certain things, still makes me think that - had I known everything would I ever go to school to learn? Is it due to beatings that we learned faster? It is a new debate all together…. I can see children of today smarter and open minded, without fear and apprehension ready to take on anything head on. But our generations were tougher because of the fact that being in class was a tough job with free falling scales and dusters and chalks in the absence of canes. The dzongkha teachers were the ones, who were so ‘trigger happy’. It was I think from them that others took the cue.

All said and done they are the ones who made us what we are today. The canning was just the rule for the assembly workers those days – even parents used to warrant our beatings by requesting the teachers to beat their children. When our parents told, to beat us in front of us, to the teachers – we genuinely doubted their love for us. And we had no one to turn to for protection. But we remember you.

I m supposed to write something good about the teachers but I got deviated, maybe because I am suffering from PTSD – post traumatic syndrome disorder… hahhah

It is you who shapes the country
The result of your efforts maybe
A little immediate for a child
But takes time for the country to see

Development of education system
Continues in a cycle
A student today and teacher tomorrow
Passing on the attribute of a teacher

Just as we do not forget some of you
Etched deep in our mind like a rivet
With your good conduct, sacrifice and Patience
Perseverance and interest to impart knowledge

It is you who made me
Elevated to who I am today
Your sculpturing shines through me
I thank you on this day

Thanks goes to the likes of you
Toiling in hard conditions
Even with Lesser perks and scanty applause
Without any complain or fuss.

Being able to read and write this
I on this day thank and wish
All the teachers