Thursday, 28 May 2015


What is freedom? Is it doing whatever you like and saying whatever you like? Doing whatever you like if it hurts the person near you or if some people get injured in the process of exercising your freedom it would not be acceptable; and same goes with the freedom of speech.

Freedom to move freely constricts to your personal space like the electrons of the molecules, constantly moving within its own space. If the movement is restricted to own space where is the freedom?

Sometimes we feel the urge to explore the world and visit all the Seven Wonders of the World without care for the future and worries of the past. But when it is tried to be implemented on the ground the procedures of acquiring visas and booking flights, hotels and travel agents, etc, basically completing the red tape to go around the world would be enough to restrain your urge to fly free. Not even owning a private jet would be enough to fly freely with the issues of air space of this country and that country and the need to seek permission to use the air space from the concern country would be enough to bog down a faint hearted freedom seeker. Aren’t we restricting our freedom with boundary walls and the borders and the international boundaries?

Our values, the self discipline, the longing for the requirements to be accepted in the society, culture and traditions and many others differentiate us from the animals with a little sacrifice of our freedom in the bargain.

It had taken million of years to reach this far and it is not recommended to go back to the beginning where there were no international boundaries and the likes. The lives lost in occupying and de-occupying, capturing and attacking during the World War I and WW II and the wars before that would be in vain. Perhaps a Nuclear attack or a press of a button of a Nuke would start the new beginning all together from the scratch….



Are we the prisoner?
Of our own faith and belief
The discipline and culture and tradition
Is that restraining us?

Are we in the hole of our own diggings?
With boundaries and borders
Even not leaving the airspace and waters
Marked with the imaginary lines

Like an electrons in the molecules
We are held together by an unknown charge
The compression caused by the ever expansion
May lead to explosion like a nuclear fusion

Starting the new beginning
With freedom and without care
Searching for the neighbours and peers
Longing to be restrained again..(hahahha)