Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Pleasures Snatched by Technology

The pleasure of taking clothes bundled up in a bed sheet
To the rivers and streams on Sundays and holidays for a wash
Were snatched from us by technology
The washing machine washes as we laze around whiling our time

The pleasure of going to a friend’s place
To chat over a cup of coffee or a tea
Were snatched away from us by technology
The mobile phone and the internet gets us virtually connected

The pleasure of walking along the path
Taking a breadth of fresh air and burning calories
Were taken away by the technology
The cars and the bikes carry us lot more quickly

Pleasure of going to the theater
Clad in a best dress with family on weekends
Were taken away by the technology
TV brings the movies to the comfort of our home (with innumerable breaks in between)

The pleasure waiting for the photos to be developed
After snapping it with a reel camera
Were taken away by the technology
Digital camera and mobile phone camera can click and delete as we wish

Jotting down and sharing the pleasures
That our generations had with and without hi-tech equipments
Having felt both the periods to compare and evaluate
Else we forget, else we forget.