Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sitting With the Demigods.

(I am just imagining the feelings that was going through the mind of the old lady who got to sit between the king and the queen during the last day of Paro Tshechu, as I watch the Live telecast in BBS)

I am aged three scores and ten
Being born and stayed in Bhutan
Every Tshechu diligently I have witnessed
Not even one have I missed

Today is the best Tshechu I have seen
Getting to sit with the king and the queen
Sandwiched in between I watch the show
Feeling doubly blessed than ever

The little remains of the time
That is left in my life
Would be cherished by self
And flaunted proudly by kith and kin

For the King and the Queen
Chose to sit near me out of blue
Answering the prayers and wishes
Of many like me 

With little regrets 
I would now breathe the last
Cherishing this very moments
Sitting with the demigods in a gathering so huge

Feeling hesitant and proud at the same time
Replying to the queries so profound
I watch the show without seeing a thing
Praying for the longevity of their life