Friday, 17 April 2015

Leaving the Kids Behind

I can’t forget the face of that woman who cried at the airport seeing us waving good bye to the mother of my kids, who was going abroad. But she was little bit perplexed because my kids were not crying seeing their mother leaving for studies for one year.

When I asked her why she was crying so uncontrollably, she told me that she had come to see off her friend who was leaving for USA for indefinite period leaving behind her family back home. Just when I was feeling funny for her superfluous emotion, she continued that she would be also following suit after one week or so and she would be leaving back her kids who were aged same as my children. She also told me that she would be going for long duration privately, therefore having no obligation to return if she wished to stay back.

Now I can almost feel what is going through her mind when she dragged my daughter and hugged her whose eyes were moist with tears. She was imagining the feelings that may be going through her daughter and a son who was even smaller than the daughter when she leaves the country after a week. The glitters of the seemingly enough wealth beckons her at the same time the pain of having to leave behind her family is killing her before the actual flight. With these thoughts I stood there not knowing what to do. The onlookers might have thought that she must be my relative.

She was complimenting my children for being so strong and not crying. I had to interrupt and tell her that they are not as strong as she thinks, but they are not crying because after a week we would be going too. Her eyes glistened with tears and in between sobs she was also wishing that her family also could follow her after a week.

I ask how old her children were and she told me that one is four years and another one was two years old. I really doubted whether she would be able to depart when her time comes, but she had an option of not going.

For every happy face abroad there must have been teary departures. Babysitting others kids leaving behind own kids would indeed be a tough job that only mothers could do.