Thursday, 2 April 2015

Education and Limitations

You might have noticed that it is the always the one who is less educated or uneducated are the ones more open and talkative. They seemed to have no inhibitions and hesitations in speaking their thoughts out. They are the one who seem to have lots of ideas and if not intervened by the more educated with scientific theories, their ideas work just fine.

Scientifically it was thought that bees that we see in our everyday life flying and busy pollinating the flowers for us, but for the bees themselves they are just doing their daily duties of collecting food, won’t be able to fly if we impose all the laws of physics like aerodynamics, weight and lift capability, ratio between the wings and the mass of the body and so on poor bees would be waking sluggishly instead of flying. It does not know all the fundamentals of science therefore it is flying.

courtesy:chimiseldon (@chimis) twitter
The man, who had made a power tiller out of a scooter, was semi literate and has just some basic mechanical skills. If he had done degree in engineering or had higher qualifications, the idea of making power tiller out of a scooter would never be attempted, because of the fact that scooter is made to be a scooter and scientifically it would be impossible to make power tiller out of that. Due to the lack of tools and proper materials the scootiller did not come that good physically but it is working just fine.

Education with all the guidelines and norms to be followed, thinking out of the box becomes almost impossible. Even educating a child itself is flooded with guidelines, syllabus and methods of imparting knowledge that the ingenuity and creativity of the teachers and the taught are nipped in the bud. If we come to know about the problems the solutions cannot be too far.

We must get educated to learn, learn to serve better and above all to be a good human being. Someone one had rightly said, “Don’t let educations put limitations on you”.