Thursday, 9 April 2015


Due to the construction and commissioning of the two factories (Dungsam Polymer limited and Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited) Nganglam had become a bustling town. The potholes on the roads are the evidence of the numbers of vehicles that ply on it. The holes get widened due to the heavily loaded trucks, carrying raw materials in and the finished product out. The cloud of dust in the atmosphere and the dusty roof of the houses as well as cars is the sure sign of bustling activities.

Dungsam Polymer Limited is a sister factory located near the Cement Factory. The interest in this factory is primarily being shown because of the fact that many of us own shares in this company. ‘Many of us’ own the share is confirmed by the fact that the shares were oversubscribed and everyone was given thirty three shares after dividing equally among the subscribers.

Shares were purchased looking forward for the dividends unlike in other countries were the shares were sold and bought with anticipation and forecasting likely performance of a company. The stock market in Bhutan is as dead as it could be, so thirty three shares of many people lie dormant until the dividends are declared. It is past three years and there is no sign of declaring any dividends.

Survival and success of the DPL is fully dependent on the success of its big brother the DCCL. It is like ‘till the time there is cement there will be cement bags’ and not the other way round. The big brother had started the sprint on the runway but could not take off due to various reasons. The primary reason being getting the market to sell the finished product, the cement could not find the market and market cannot get the cement - as proved by the fact that many cement consumer in and around the factory had to wait for days till they get it. There is a missing link between the market and the seller.

Sooner or later the maker/seller would find and fill the missing link, sorting out the bottle necks and constrictions in the system enabling the production to go full swing flooding market with the ‘Dragon cement’ in the bags manufactured by the DPL; making profit like never before fulfilling the wishes and the prayers of all the people of Bhutan.

The company would and ought to make profits, due to the simple reason that – it cannot afford to make losses for too long. Besides where the cement is not required? For buildings, for bridges, for retaining walls, for drainage, for the construction of roads, everywhere cement is used as the binding agent.

And not to forget that to transport cement a BAG is required. lol