Friday, 3 April 2015

Digital Footprints

With every click of our mouse while connected with the internet we are leaving a digital foot prints. Just like real footprints on the sand or on the mud it would get erased with time but lasting digital footprints are left while we visit the social media especially the FB with our infamous status updates and the pictures.

For every ‘like’ for your photo or status there are thousands others who are just ogling and prying, some appreciating, some sniggering and some making fun of you. You know about the people in your friend list and the status and photos are mostly posted for them. It is those people not in your friend list but who sees it due to your security settings, which pries on you.

You get pretty taken aback when a person who never likes your comment, status updates and the photos says, “You are active in Facebook”. You feel like asking, how did you know? Oh you are there on my friend list. So you are one of those silent watchers? I better block you later… I hate prying eyes… it was my mistake for not thinking of people like you exists too. I should be careful next time and go slow on the social media or re-look for my security settings… all those thoughts goes through your mind.

On the other hand you tend to think that if it is not for seeing why you should upload it at the first place. But with liking and sharing the piece that you upload goes beyond the intended target of yours. The fluctuations in the state of mind makes even the one that had uploaded a photo feel funny later when he or she is in different mood all together. When you have a feeling, ‘why did I upload that?’ it is too late. It is seen, liked, appreciated, mocked, made fun of and even shared.

In this publicly private space of yours, if you think what other people would think, than other people would have nothing to think because you are thinking what they are supposed to think. Some would think well some would think badly, but if what you are doing, is giving you satisfaction and happiness please bash on; leaving digital footprints with the mark of mood swings would be a great thing to look back at, after a decade or so.

I am leaving bigger footprints by blogging it …hehhe