Thursday, 16 April 2015

Clustering and Dispersing

In the beginning of the human race it would not be wrong to believe that we all must have come from a same ancestor from one part of the Earth, given that we all share all the basic features and fall under Homo sapiens species. Why did we move away from each other? Was it only due to the plate tectonic movements of the earth?

We, Homo sapiens are social animals, perhaps we are ‘limited’ social animals – limited because crossing the limit of the social numbers some drifted apart to form another society elsewhere.

It is a good initiative to cluster the society yet again by beginning with the forming of the central schools. This would not only reduce the expenditure of the transportation and allowance involved in movements of the staff, but the limited budget will not get distributed in bits and pieces. How it is wished that the policy to be successful?

If the policy of central school becomes successful the next should be the making a central city and central villages. If the people cooperate and form a central village, the people from the far flung village and geogs can come to the central village to get settled, thereby reducing the strain on the limited government budget for making new road, providing electricity and other facilities. If this happens smoothly the constitutional requirement of keeping 60% of Bhutan covered with forest can be achieved at one location continuously. But the concern shown for the rural urban migration gives out the contradictory signal. We are just confused!!

Sadly, such a thing of forming central city and villages would be a farfetched dream. The history tells us that we humans drift apart and diversify, searching for the better greener pastures every time. Traveling within Bhutan itself, one would be astonished with the finding of how people dispersed to almost inhabitable locations and stayed there for generations, adapting to the harsh conditions yet seemingly happy.

The days where education had been coming to you is fading and it is time for you go to get educated. But if someone is left uneducated, or many are left uneducated it would be troublesome for the nation in the future. In Australia it is compulsory to send a child to a school even if the parents of the child are there for just one year. This shows how the citizens of 20 years hence are taken care of.  Otherwise the history would repeat itself and may start from the feudal lords again.

(Disclaimer:-This is a personal thoughts penned down with no intention of insulting, demeaning or harming anyone, ...)