Monday, 13 April 2015

As I See The Hedgerows

The hedgerows bloom again  
You are sprinkled with red flowers   
Showing the right season without the clock 
With the help of your perfect biological clock

You are becoming scraggy as the time passes
Subtly showing life's lesson of getting old
But you never fail to bloom with flower so bold
Drawing my attention along with those of bees   

If I have the powers
I would let you attain the full height
To glorify your floral might
But little trimming makes you look just great

I know that your flower won’t last long
You are planted for your ability to grow close and tall
Forming a living fence on the edges all along   
Your blooming twice a year is just a windfall

Your flowers and scraggy branch
Shows that nothing is permanent
Wilting and death are so imminent
Yet we strive as the time march

The time that cannot be manipulated
The time that we can’t see
But which runs as stipulated
To the perfect tune of nature – the biological clock