Tuesday, 31 March 2015

When Her Son Sang

When he started singing the song during the school picnic, the tear rolled just like that from her eyes.

She did not know what had happened to her. It is neither because of the lyrics of the song nor because of the melodious voice, and it is definitely not the tears of sadness. She was having tough time trying to hide the tears and control it from flowing freely.

It seemed like just yesterday that her son was crying and doing all the stuff like a baby and she never realized that he grew that big so as to be capable of taking the mike and sing a song.

The applause and ovations from the audience, brought fresh lump in the throat and a tears walled up in her eyes, the feeling that was going through her mind was like that of watching a football match where own team wins the match and as they celebrate, as whole stadium celebrate, the lump forms on the throat and the tears of unexplainable feelings flows just like that; she was experiencing similar kind of feelings listening to her son sing.

After finishing singing, He came running back to her; seeing the teary eyes of his mother he asked, “What happened to your eyes mummy?”

She cleared her throat and said, “Son, today you made me cry with your song.” Like all sons he took it as a joke, and laughed it off, not believing his mother and unable to comprehend the feelings of his mom – the feeling of a different kind.