Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What is in the Name?

Chechey and Sangay were two best friends. They came from the same family background and they were classmates from kinder garden onwards. They used to roam about in the school campus like ‘achu nay nay’ - in buddies all the time.

It was only after their eighth standard that they got separated, when they were transferred to different schools to pursue their higher studies. Thereafter they never met until last summer after about 15 years or so.

Chechey visited Sangay’s house and they chatted like never before trying to catch up about all the happenings in their respective lives. Chechey told that he was married with two kids who were going to school with their mother who happened to be a teacher. He told how he named one of his sons Sangay Chozang honouring his best friend. Sangay was moved beyond words. They vouched that they will never lose touch and keep in contact always.

“Cheychey, Cheychey.” Sangay called loudly looking towards the bedroom. Chechey was so moved, thinking about how he had honoured him by naming his child after him. His eyes were filled with tears and he was having tough time not letting the tears roll down over his cheek, and with a lump in his throat he was not being able to speak.

“Chechey, Chechey, come here.” Sangay called again oblivious of the things that was going through the minds of his long lost best friend.

Suddenly out came a small white Dog with fluffy hair, wiggling its tail. After sniffing and moving like a very frisky kid it jumped on the lap of Chechey and settled there.

Chechey the dog, settled on the lap of his friend Chechey. For the first time two friends were speechless....