Monday, 23 March 2015

The lone Hornbill

I saw a Hornbill flying alone and landing on the tree just above my house. I went inside to grab a camera to take some picture for my mobile camera which was there was not equipped with zoom features. As I came back with the camera the bird was long gone. The detailed visual scanning of the treetops fetched no result.

Hornbills are endangered species, I read it somewhere. But at the place where I stay, they can be found in abundance. Sometimes their constant noise of imitating a tree being cut with an axe is so soothing, waiting for the sound of the falling tree, crumpling the undergrowth as it falls down, is made accurately by the bird.  

The beauty about this bird is that beside its peculiarly grotesque beak and a huge body, which I cannot term as beautiful in any ways, because later if you happen to see it, you may equate my sense of beauty to that of a man in the national geographic channel holding a snake or a crocodile and saying, “beautiful!” running his hands over the head of the creature as we cringe on our sofa, the urge to change the channel overpowered by the curiosity to see something nasty happening at anytime.  

The beauty about this creature is that it roams around in pairs. I think that they must be the most faithful couples amongst the birds. That morning it was the first time, I m seeing a bird flying all alone and landing on the branch of a tree. I looked at it for a while and saw it searching for something on the branches; it is not food for that tree has no fruit on it, at this time of the year.

I was wondering how its spouse/pair got lost. Was it killed? Was it dead by natural disease? Or did it lose its life in an accident with the electrical cables overhead? Oh, that bird might be a bachelor or a spinster and might be just single, which my conscience failed to believe for I have never seen this species of bird alone, before. That was the time I went to grab my camera to capture it on film the lone Hornbill, but unfortunately it could not be spotted again, to do that. I did not have much time either, for it was time for me to go to office. And I had more important things related to Homo sapiens to worry about. However, I am trying to give some thoughts to fellow inhabitants of the earth too through this writing. No harm, right?  

I just hope that it found it pair and moved along flying and dominating the air space of the Manas Reserved Park.

As I fly over the foothills of Himalayas
I feel a difference today
Without you flying beside me
Chopping through the winds defying gravity

You did not listen to me
When I told you not to land on the slender cable
That was too comfortable to be true to perch on
You took the lead as always and touched the line

I could see your body go limp
The strong lifeless wings adding weight
As you fell towards the ground
I could not hover to see all the details

But I m sure that you are not going to come back
And I dare not go near the grave where you lay exposed
So I landed on the favorite branch expecting the impossible
That you may come back, to perch beside me

The man below seems to know
About what I was going through
He was looking at me with curiosity
With his hand on the forehead

Oh, after all he did not care much (if so would the likes of him lay such dangerous trap for us)
For he vanished inside his den
And I took off from our favorite place
Contemplating of joining you in your grave