Thursday, 5 March 2015

Psychological warfare – In the Game of Archery

Only two of us remained with a pair of arrows each. If I hit one 'karey' my team will be winning the game. I took aim and released the bowstring, the arrow took the right path straight towards the target till the half way and after that it drifted towards the right missing the target by millimeters, sending some of my ‘khengpa’ friends flat on the ground.  

My opponent took aim and shot, he too missed the target by millimeter from the top making his team mates scratch their head. If he had hit the target it would be, sort of a preemptive strike and my hitting or not won’t make much difference. I was glad that he missed.

The tension was high. I took aim with the second arrow closing my ears to all the noise and just concentrating to the smooth releasing of the shot, I released, and the bowstring slid through my finger so smooth, like a knife through butter that before the arrow reached the target, I knew where it would land.

“It is not that you hit the ‘chonda’! But your ‘karey’ is now going to make me famous and my shot all the more important. Thanks friend”. I was completely taken aback by his attitude and the way he saw the things differently. My opponent instead of taking the tension he is throwing back the tension towards me and for a split second I thought how true he was, if he really hits a karey. I shuddered with the thought of his hitting a ‘cheyree’, Instead of feeling comfortable being at the plus side of the game.

Had it been anyone other than him, they would have felt jittery and given up the set not being able to bear the tension. But he was a seasoned player and their team kept him as ‘maa’ - the last player with a reason. And that reason made us cringe wishing him to take the shot fast whether he hits or misses. He took his sweet time to shoot. He went running till the middle of the field after the arrow knowing well that it had gone straight to the target. The arrow hit the edge of the target and sent his arrow flying in multiple pieces.

Such are the manifestations of toughness, resilience and attitudes during the matches in archery. The team normally consists of 11 men or less and each player has its own importance and experience. The game where you hit the target and the pain is felt by the opponent.