Monday, 2 March 2015

Making a choice? Bkk tour..

It was an impromptu ride, we just got into the long boat paying additional one thousand bahts upon the suggestion of our tour guide and also thinking that we will not be able to come again as a family to Thailand again, we just took the offer. There were no other passengers apart from us and the tour guide – a beautiful and a young lady who could keep talking nonstop for hours befitting her job.

The boat was long and the sound of the engine of the boat overpowered half of whatever is said by the guide but I kept nodding as an acknowledgement for her continuous chattering in typical English with heavy Thai accent. The driver of the boat stood standing at the end of the boat and with a single long oar he steered and controlled the boat.

Without life jackets or any other safety equipments I was so frightened and the conditions of the boat and the murky river intensified the fear more. I just wondered how the other people managed to smile from the similar boats that zoomed past us. Perhaps they did not have the worries like I was having. My whole family was in the boat and should something happen I was the only one who knew how to swim and maybe the guide, by looking at her figure she looked like a fish slender and streamlined, like that of a mermaid. I have three precious life to save if something happens and I can barely save one. Whom should I save?

Such were the thoughts going through my mind but my children were oblivious of that and enjoying the ride smiling and shouting gleefully at the top of their voice. I had to remind them time and again to hold tightly and praying for the journey worth 1000 baht to finish at the earliest.

After what seemed like a lifetime the journey came to an end and we disembarked the boat for good. The guide asked me, “How was the ride?” As if knowing the fear that I was going through. But she would never understand what caused the fear, besides I do not owe her an explanation. So I just replied, that without safety measures in place, I think, I will not take a ride ever again.

I narrated my fear to my wife and the dilemma that I was in, about whom to save should something happen. She asked me, “Had the boat capsized, Who would you save? Tell me”. I was not able to choose, whom to save, throughout the journey by boat and now how would I answer her.  I think I would rather drown than making that choice.

Just glad that the rickety boat did not sink or capsized and completed the tour safely through the waterways of Bangkok. Next time if you happen to take the same tour, do not forget to ask for the life jacket to enjoy the ride peacefully. If you are with non swimmer family members I suggest you to avoid the ride in a long boat, with motor and a rudder consisting of a single long oar.