Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Majestic Stray Dog

(I went for a morning stroll and saw a beautiful dog, huge, majestic with no collars or any sign of it being possessed. It looked between German Sheppard and huskies because of its gray and dark hairs mixed in perfect proportion, and had a tail like that of a wolf. When I tried to befriend him, he just gave me a looks of being not interested and walked away not bothering to wiggle its tail also.)

Majestic Stray Dog

I walk majestically on the road
The responsibilities and owner have I none.
I have my own territory
Loyalty for owner I need not worry
My mother is a stray so huge
My father must be the huskies or wolf
He must have been a strong hound
To win over the goddess of the pack

The children and old runaway from me with awe
The bolder person and dog lovers
Whistle and try to befriend me
But I hold my ground and never care even to wiggle my tail

I over hear the passerby
Discussing about how I look - like a wolf
I raise my fluffy tail and take a leisurely stroll
Feeling majestic like never before

They wonder how I get my food
For I look neither malnourished nor famished
My fur looks cleaner than their pet
The secret that I can’t divulge even if I could speak

As I stroll into others territory
Other hounds avoid my trespassing
Feeling intimidated by my size and looks
But I do not intend to capture their ground

And off I roam about without care
Not even bothering to bark like other strays
Appreciated by the people
And dreaded by the fellow species