Thursday, 12 March 2015

How Easy to Become A Brigadier……

Brigadier commonly known as Brig is the rank; it is rather a term in NDA. The cadets dread to get the brigadier rank. There were so many ways to get brigadier. You can get brigadier from academy (studies), equestrian, physical training, swimming, ten meters jump, excess punishment and the most unfortunate of all is from the medical side.

Cadets who fail in a term are known as brigs rather than repeaters or failures. The repeated relegations would increase the rank form brigadier to general to field marshal. It is very rare to see field marshal in the academy just like the real field marshal. Field marshal are respected and looked up to with awe for their perseverance and tenacity to pursue the training despite all odds against them.

I do not know how the repeaters came to be known as brig. I did not bother to ask and never endeavored to get that rank in NDA for myself. But for those friends who got brig, other than the drawbacks of having to go through the strenuous training once again, they enjoy the privileges twice in their senior term. Fifth term privileges and sixth term privileges twice amounts to enjoying all the best thing in the world, in the eyes of the cadets, as the wants of the cadets were cut down to the barest minimum that simple thing as not having to wear a pajama under the gown while going to the toilet is a luxury.

The most foolish thing to get brig is not jumping from the ten meter board, yet a few get relegated due to just that. No amount of coaxing and cajoling would make a determined cadet to make a leap of faith from the board, in the bargain their fate gets sealed and they serve as ‘Namuna’ (example/sample) for the future generations to come, by promoting them to the rank of the brigadier for not making the plunge from ten meters. It is a lesson well taught for the same person never becomes general due to the same reason, breaking the fear barrier for ever. There is one of my friends who became a brig for not jumping from ten meters becoming a Para trooper, later in life signifying the conquering of the fear of height permanently.

 If someone says, “I was a brig, in NDA or IMA”, just remember that, that person had gone through the trainings in academy in details – even if the content may be same he had given better part of his six months. Brigs have double course mates and their loyalty is put to test always.

Being brig in academy can be used with pride or with humility according to the personality of the person, and also according to the success of the person. Successful officer can proudly say see I was brig in academy and now I am this.

“Oh, no doubt he was a brig”. Goes to well, you know whom…