Monday, 9 March 2015

Going Abroad

I have seen that every tenth person that I come across is striving hard, or, dreaming to go abroad, preferable to USA, Australia, Canada or France. The superficial reason can be for studies but the underlying reason obvious to all even without mentioning and which motivates people to try to get a shot at going abroad is the dollars.  Let’s be frank here.

Earning dollars is not as easy as we might be thinking sitting here in Bhutan. To earn we have to get employed, in order to get employed we have to get a working visa and have skills that is equivalent to or more than the residents themselves. If you plan to work illegally, or reside illegally the payments would be low and the requirement to stay under the constant fear of being caught and deported back would render you helpless, not being able to fight or voice for your rights.

The amount of effort that had gone into, getting entry into the country of your dreams, with dollars growing on trees, won’t allow you to come back home despite the hardship that you may face. The fear of being ridiculed for not being able to make it, would make you take the jobs that you would never take it, back home.  

Without skills the jobs that you may get would be pickers and packers, rack re-fillers, cleaners, waiters, housekeepers, nannies and the likes, which you have been looking down upon, back home. It is good to be taking the lowly jobs because there no job is big or small – good dignity of labour as one may say. Besides who will recognize you doing all those? It is the dough that matters in the end of the day.

Sangay who was an officer in civil service once told me that, his ego was crushed to the limits, when he got a job in stacking and there were nothing to stack, so his employee told him to pick up the cigarette butts from around the office buildings. He felt like a small children in school doing social works, picking up cigarette butts one by one, strewn all over the place. He blushed and blamed himself for this predicament, when beautiful blonde girls peeked from the windows at him sympathetically and stopped men dressed in suit from throwing cigarette butts from the windows. Nevertheless, he was paid $ 23 per hour. But he quit the job the next day.

It is the difference in foreign exchange rates that make you feel rich after coming from the dollar/euro countries. A thousand dollars would make 32500 Thai baht and Nu. 62200. Currency exchange rates is the only thing that gives you a edge, otherwise settling abroad would make you slog until you take the last breadth and god forbid if you fall sick and not covered under the medical insurance you had it.

Enjoying the facilities of the developed world, like continuous water supply, good road network, never failing power supply, fast internet, good food, clean street, immaculate public parks and freedom to roam the street and work without being recognized are some of the benefits worth reaping when abroad.

Getting paid weekly is great news but having to pay all the bills including the rent weekly dampens the joy of receiving the payment weekly. Whatever may be the knowledge that one gain with traveling the world and seeing the places can never be taught unless experienced oneself – the reason for people coming from abroad doing well, I guess.