Friday, 13 March 2015

Football Win….

Our national team winning the match against Sri Lanka, in the world cup qualifier match, at Sri Lanka with one goal, brought our focus back to the game of football. It is just amazing that a team from a population of less than a million defeats a team from a population of more than 20 million. There is no doubt about feeling elated by the win, but on the flip side it is not by a huge margin. One goal win could be due to luck. Whether it is won by luck or not is yet to be seen on the home ground.

It would be a great feeling to lift the trophy in the world arena, making an imprint in the minds of the people of the world. Thereby, for those travelers abroad, when they say that they are from Bhutan; need not have to explain the geographical location of Bhutan with reference to some of our bigger neighbours. That is a farfetched dream owing to so many reasons but not impossible.

Firstly, we do not have the infrastructure. The only football field that we have without pebbles and dust is at Changlimithang that too with synthetic grass.

Secondly, playing football cannot fill the tummy of the players and that of the players’ family. We do not have professional footballers. Sports persons including footballers have a very short service life. Within that short period of time they may have to earn enough to pull through the rest of their life.

Thirdly, linked to not having professional players we lack exposure. And exposure cannot be taught theoretically, it needs to be experienced by each individual player.

Fourthly, lack of fund and attractive monetary incentives, it would not attract the best players in the team. And so on……

But all the drawbacks are not rectifiable. Despite all the odds we have proved by winning the first match ever, thickening the silver linings. It was a proud moment for all the Bhutanese and the patriotism can be felt in the social media. That is the beauty of the game representing the country in the world arena. Black or white, east or west, sharshop or nganglong does not matter; we are behind our team cheering united as one.

But the best sporting person or a nation is a one who can take the defeat as gracefully as winning. God forbid, should we lose the game, we have to appreciate the better team and should not resort to mudslinging at the winning team and shunning our own players. Instead, it should make us go for the battle better prepared next time, taking the best soldiers, selected based on the skills and not based to favoritism and nepotism.

We have won the battle, but the war had just begun and not over yet. Let’s hold our horses, and keep our fingers crossed for our young players to deliver us more pleasant surprises.