Thursday, 19 March 2015

Foot ball win 2

Twice cannot be a coincidence or luck. You have proved yourself boys. We are so proud of you. It was because of your hard work that the behaviour of the home crowd was good. I was just worried that, should you perform so bad on the home ground and should you lose the game that is the time your supporters go berserk.

Your effort had dictated how the crowd had behaved as there was supporter only for the home team. The second goal was amazing at the last minute by the ‘team’. I say it ‘team’ because the credit of that goal should not be taken or given to any individual player. Giving credits to the individual player alone, would make our football a selfish kind of game from already selfish game.

It was not passing the ball and trying to show individual talents on the field that had ruined the reputation of our team in the past, come on let us admit it. Even during the friendly matches it is the selfishness in the field that leads to more selfishness, spoiling the game.

Football is a team game and the eleven players on the ground should think and act as one. I cannot help appreciate to the brink of the tears, for a striker who even after having a free chance to shoot the ball towards the post, passes it to the fellow striker to make it doubly/absolutely sure to convert it to goal. He does not worry about who takes the credit for the goal displaying his own magnanimity. Such things happen many a times in the world arena and our players should learn from it.

I did not watch the game live in the stadium, but watching it in the TV (Rebroadcast), it can be made out that we have a long way to go. The match looked amateurish, and the amateur commentator did not help much to make the match look any better. It seemed better in mute. This also tells us that hosting international football match is not about players and how they play, but it is also about the commentators and the cameramen and the technicians to select the appropriate camera to show at the appropriate moments to the viewers on the TV set.

Nevertheless it was good efforts to bring it live on TV, for the not so fortunate audiences at the faraway places; and for some most unlucky - the rebroadcasts.

The commentator kept saying, “A hero was born.” referring to the person, who scored the crucial goal. It is just hoped that our super boys, after watching the rebroadcast from the comfort of their sofa, would not try to be the next hero in the coming matches – and be selfish. You are all heroes.

Scoring 100 goals is nothing if the team loses. Have a good spirit-de-corps and team spirit, fight as eleven in one and not one as eleven. Be gentle and fair even if you are losing. Your effort for 90 minutes might be tiring for you as much as it is exciting for us. Make us cry with joy.

All the best – HEROES..