Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Expelling a child from the school…..

I have couple of friends who are extremely intelligent and doing good service to the country. But during school days, they were very naughty and had been expelled from the school. It was so fortunate for them to get readmitted in some other schools to become what they have become now. Had they dropped out from the day they were expelled discontinuing their studies, what would have happened to them? And whose problem would it be? Aren’t unproductive citizens burden to the society? Who creates unproductive citizens?

To get the answers to all these questions we have to think for the well being to the society at large. It is very easy to throw out some misbehaving children out of the school and solve the problem of the school for a time being. What is difficult is to counsel and understand the problems of a misbehaving child and bringing him on the right track. Corrective punishments are better to be incorporated rather than punitive/destructive punishment, though the later one gives more satisfaction to the authority, satisfying the raw feelings of sadism, that we human have it suppressed, somewhere.

The most foolish of all punishment is to expel the child from the school. If we look at it properly, this shows the incompetence of the institution to mould a child’s character, just as some materials which are tough to mould into a shape, but those tough-to-mould materials are the one that would be stronger and gives more shine after moulding.

It is easier said than done but there is no harm in trying. If the problematic children are not rehabilitated in the institutions and just thrown out in the society, it becomes the problem of the society. Criminals are not born they are created: Created by the flaws in our system, created by the sadist authority, created by not understanding the special needs for some people, created by treating every individual as a batch and not as separate individual with individual requirements.

The immediate result of expelling a student is the satisfaction for the authorities for having sorted out one of the problem creators; the real result can be seen after decades or so impacting the society for not correcting an individual when it was still not incorrigible.    

I write this being touched by my friend who was once an outcast, naughty, and rebellious; but now heading an organization despite being thrown out of the school, he found a way to get in the institution once again, after losing couple years, searching for schools to accept him to refine himself. To become what he is today rather than a goon or a substance abuser.

Anguish of an Expelled Child..

I never intend to be naughty
Neither am I rebellious
Nor am I trying to be over smart
But I feel that there need to be a change

A change in the system
The change that I cannot pinpoint
We cannot be all identical
For we are made different from birth

With this thought of improvement in mind
I stand out like a sore thumb
That you conveniently removed me
With just the stroke of you pen – ‘expelled’
I was too young to voice my thought
But the fear that you have instilled in me
Had made me so coward that
I dare not raise my voice thereafter

I pass through the channel like you wished me to
Just doing and behaving like all others
Wishing for the miracles to bring in the changes
Or from some expensive consultation firms

Oh, bear in mind you moulders
To mould an un-identical moulds
Out of the fresh clay of flesh and bones
That the young generations provide

Please understand the tough choice that we face
Between friends or the system
That you may call a peer pressure
Was a real pressure for me indeed

It was unfortunate for me to have been caught
More unfortunate for me to have been made a sample
To discourage tens others from being derailed
I wonder, wasn’t there any other way than spoiling one life?