Monday, 30 March 2015

Excited Young Man

Sangay was travelling in a bus one fine day from Thimphu to Phuntsholing. His seat was somewhere in the middle of the bus near the window. He was glad that the guy sitting next to him was not that talkative and did not bother him much after the initial greetings.

He took out his mobile phone and earphones to listen to the songs but to his dismay the battery was almost drained and dropped the idea. Instead he gazed out of the window looking at nothing in particular, as the sceneries and the landscapes were so mundane for he had seen that hundreds of times.

The young adult and an old man who was on the seat right in front of him were not as bored as him. The young boy seems to be a little retarded, as he was excited by pine trees, by normal looking flowers, by every vehicle zooming past and the curves and colour of the river. He kept shouting how the river looked so green and how it turned white when it was flowing over the rocks and turned into rapids.

A boy of almost in late twenties, not knowing how the trees and the other stationary objects seemed like moving, when we are traveling in a vehicle was absolutely absurd. And I heard a couple of people voicing their disdain over the boy’s excitement like that of a small child. Sangay too felt the same, but he was just suppressing his contempt for the young adult.

When the bus arrived at Phuntsholing, Sangay could not help but to tell the old man to take his boy to the hospital and said, “Apa, I think it would be better for you to take your boy to the hospital. I am telling this after observing what he was doing in the bus”.  

The old man smiled and said, “We were coming from the hospital. My son was blind and he just got his vision a couple of days back.” Sangay was taken aback and regretted for all the thoughts that went through in his mind in the course of journey. He was just glad that he did not voice his displeasure openly that time.