Friday, 27 March 2015

Every Head has its Hair style

In school days, our hairstyles used to be inspired by heroes of the latest hits of the Bollywood movies. According to the requirements of the unwritten school norms, the hair was expected to be kept short and tidy but the heroes of the hit Bollywood movies that time normally donned long hair for which the girls seemed to go crazy, pasting the postcard of the heroes on the note books as cover, encouraging boys to imitate just the hairstyle in the absence of cheap plastic surgery.

not fair....changing hair style..
Hair fixer and the gels those are available today, were either not available in the market or even if it was available, it would have been unaffordable. Therefore the best option adopted by the crazy fans of the actors was to rub the hair, until it becomes almost like the hair of a Negro, at which point the hair can be swayed towards whichever direction it was combed.

Of all the hairstyle it was tough to get Amir Khan’s hairstyle, where the hair just above the temple curves backward like a series of fishing hooks placed together. Couple of my friends did get the style copied exactly by means of the famous method rubbing and constant combing. Sadly, the after affects of the rubbing can be seen only after a decade or so, because those friends, now, need not have to worry about the hairstyle anymore, as it vacated its place to avoid the ever changing directions to which they were allowed to grow.

The block buster hit of the “Ashique” movie, where the hero donned a hair in a blunt cut like that of an olden days Bhutanese girls, put so many friends in troubles, trying to imitate the hairstyle of the actor. The advantage in this style was that it was just kept long and not complicated like that of Amir Khan’s hair style, requiring no rubbing. And not to forget the hairstyle of Sanjay Dutt where the hair was kept long at the back.

It must have looked funny for the teachers and the generations before us with long hair like girls, just as we are feeling funny to the point of annoyance, looking at the youngsters today, trying to copy Korean hairstyles. Some bold ones even try to copy the colour of the hair, but some colours are such that it needs to be matched with the colour of the skin. Otherwise it looks dirty instead of looking good for us at least; I do not know how the young girls view it.

I-just-woke-up-now hairstyle is the worst kind of hairstyle. It happens with me without much effort and I used to have tough time making it proper with water. But some guys are keeping it like that deliberately, unkempt at the back of the head like a lawn which requires immediate mowing.  I-just-woke-up-now hairstyle gives us a feeling, that he must have had a tough time going to sleep turning here and there, or he must be suffering from a severe insomnia.

Whether imported or copied we all have a unique hairstyle for our unique head. Unless you are in military, where every head would have a crew cut style on every head. Until the youngster decides to have his own style on his head I-just-woke-up-now hairstyle suits best because the hairs are combed in no particular directions.

Oh hair my hair
It is a problematic affair
Both with and without you
On my silly head

To keep it short or long
I have to ponder often
With the prevailing trend
You have to be trimmed

I complain for the hassles
Of keeping you clean
Without lice and nits
Or dandruff and dirts

Slowly you left my scalp barren
Making me miss you, oh hair
No amount of love and care
Could make you stay put

Now I look like a new born
Without you on my head
Always the hat I don
Hiding your desertion

Earlier I get used to, without you
Better it would be for me
It signifies wisdom says few
So remnants of you are kept shaved

Looking bald and proud
I move forward amidst sniggers
Jeering and mockery would subside
As slowly as your disappearance