Saturday, 28 March 2015

Capitalizing on Others Misery

There are so many businesses that capitalize on the misery of others. If we analyze properly business are based on the wants of another and that want is amplified more by the misery and despair.

Nothing is greater misery than sickness and death. It used to be a herculean task to get the body cremated after death which requires so many religious obligations to be fulfilled, thanks to the present je khempo for making it so simple and easy for the common people to offer the final rites to the remains of the departed souls and removing the business equation out of it forever.

In other countries, it is the sicknesses that make the private hospitals thrive. There is nexus between the diagnostic clinics, doctors and the pharmaceutical outlets making the unfortunate patients to buy and consume more drugs than what is actually required. Thanks to the monarchs and the governments for giving medical services free of cost and removing the business equations out of it.

Behind every vehicle undergoing major repair in workshop, there is a man in despair. Even the business that we call zoo involves wild animals in despair being kept in captivity, that we enjoy visiting and paying.

Tobacco companies would like to produce more cigarettes; addicts can’t help but buy and inhale the poison. This is beneficial to the private hospitals to earn more money for treating the ailments caused by the tobacco.

Weapon and armaments manufacturer would never like the peace to prevail on the planet. Otherwise their business would collapse, what use the arms and the armed force be, if there is not threat or imminent turmoil.

Until the time the equation of business and making money, understanding the misery of the fellow human beings at the other side of the equation is removed, the world peace would be a far-fetched dream. And it is be not surprising to see new disease like AIDS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and Ebola breaking out of nowhere, after loss of some life, we tend to find the cure – expensive cure.

The most dreaded Ebola seems to have a cure, a new drug - MIL 77 manufactured in China. It worked on infected British health worker after trail. The disease outbreaks in Africa take many lives, British health worker gets infected and the drug under trial cures her. Amazing!!!

(If you have watched Mission Impossible II, you will be skeptic.)