Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Cheat....

Sangay met with a lady at the bus terminal, who was perhaps in her twenties, perhaps educated and the clothes that she was wearing gave an impression that it had not been changed for months and except for her face it looked like her body required a full servicing like that of a dirty car.

Their eyes met when Sangay was about to board the bus. The pupil seemed to be dilated not because of drugs or some other substance but because she had somehow noticed a look of concern in Sangay’s eyes. He could see the suffering soul behind those beautiful eyes, even more clearly through those dilated pupils. Looking directly in his eyes she approached him moving like a person so weak after not eating a proper meal for a couple of days.

She said, "Sir, can you spare some money? My child is admitted in hospital and I have no money to help him". The sufferings that she was going through seemed so genuine and even if she does not have a sick child she required some help by the way she looked. Sangay was moved beyond words and took out couple of yellow (1000) notes not bothering to count and gave her, wishing and praying for speedy recovery of her child and herself to take care of the ailing child.

Later he was told that the lady was a phony and she was a spinster and had no question of having a child. Unlike many of us, Sangay, instead of feeling appalled for him having being taken for a ride taking his kindness for granted, he smiled and said, "That is the best thing I am hearing".

It does not have to be compounded with problems when we give. Whatever you have given is given. If the receiver does not have the problems as claimed, it is all the more better (double comparative, intentionally). In this case she doesn't have to worry about the sick child and use the money for herself. The notional child is as good as being cured. Such magnanimous people are hard to find, yet there are some amongst us, without donning the red robes.

Once I have given a pair of shoes to an old man. After a few days I again saw the old man walking bare foot. Upon asking he told me honestly that he had given that shoe to his son, saying that the shoes look too good for him to wear. I have learnt that his son is doing quite well and has his own house and land comparatively better than me for I m staying in a government house and yet to get settled.

As you have guessed, I felt so bad for parting with my shoes and trying to be generous. Had it been for his son I would not have given it at all, thought I. That is a wrong thought. Once I have given it is his property and it is his prerogative to use it himself or to throw it or to give it to somebody.

Being human many of us have those feelings about how the things that we gift are supposed to be used and treasured. And some of us who treasure the gifts encourage the giver to give again otherwise that would be the last gift.