Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Spectacles and Perception

Oh! How Sangay used to wish that his eye sight be (come) poor so that he could wear spectacles like some of his friends, when he was in school. But his eye sight remained six by six throughout the school days.

When he reached college he got himself zero powered changeable/photo-chromic glass to wear. He seldom let his friends look through it because of the fear that they may mock him for using a zero powered glass. Therefore it is kept always on, removing only when going to sleep and while taking bath, never leaving the glass unattended.

When Sangay was young he thought that wearing the specs, made one look more attractive to the girls and more studious to the teachers, just as carrying a guitar whether one knew how to play it or not, seeming attracted the fairer sex. His stunt to get himself wearing a power glass failed when he was caught trying to deliberately miss read the different sizes of “E” facing in different directions. To his utter dismay his could read all the “E”s even those at the last lines which were the smallest but tried to fumble while reading it. That was the time the doctor told him to go for a zero powered glass if he was that desperate to wear one.

His wish for making his eyesight weaker was granted a bit later together with the change in his perception. The desire for wearing specs was no more as he was matured enough to know that wearing the glasses was cumbersome and requires extra effort to care for it. It was difficult for him to read for long durations, making the lines in the page merge and hazy. It had become hard for him to recognize a person about hundred meters away.  

If he goes to the doctor he knows that he will surely get a prescription to get himself new specs that too with some power, to flaunt wearing it legally and with authorization. When he did not want to wear the glass that was the time his eyes give away. His avoidance of wearing it, and wearing it when his eyes were perfectly ok, had spoiled his eyes making the power requirement to -2. Myopic or hyperopic or presbyopia, God knows! But he would be with a pair of glass mounting on the bridge of his nose for the rest of his life, provided he wants to see the clearer picture.