Wednesday, 11 February 2015

No Good friends?

We have so many friends. It would be hard to remember all of them at once but somewhere in some corner of our memory their names with the photograph are safely saved.

The great friends are the ones that we make in schools and college days. For the like of us who are in military, the brain washing process and the process of breaking down all the egos to build up new personality almost erases the list, forming new bond with people from all walks of life from all over the Indian subcontinent putting in terrible circumstances cementing the bond further mostly amongst the course mates and the others, like the bond of brotherhood.

The friends in college days who tormented you by pulling your legs and by making you do naughty things were no good.

Those friends who made you have the first taste of a cigarette, who made you have the first test of a locally brewed alcohol were no good.

Those friends who wrote letters to your crush on your behalf and making you look like a fool not knowing what had happened, when you became talk of the town were no good.

Those friends who took your nude picture secretly while you are taking bath or worse still while you are answering the call of nature, and threatened to blackmail you were no good.

Those friends who encouraged you to bunk the classes and helped to save you to make you present in your absence in the class were no good

Those friends who made you feel so bad for missing the movie together by narrating the story of the movies again and again and when you want to see the movie he did not want to see it again were not good.

Those friends who nick named you and till now you are known with that nick name were no good.

Those friends who teased you with the all beautiful fresher in school and college and made you feel so embarrassed were no good.

But looking back at life in schools and colleges those are the friends that you miss the most. Making you think that they are the person who might have taught you great lessons in life besides adding spice in your otherwise monotonous routine. Meeting them and bumping into them now would make the conversation flow without any effort, remembering all the monkey business, as if it happened just yesterday. They were good. The life without them would have been so boring. All the memories are linked with them. They are the friends you miss the most.

Such friends are not to be trusted, until you have solid problems. Once you have solid problem at hand that is the time they will throng your place with all sorts of helping hands. Until such time – “I don’t trust him, he is my friend” - Maybe what you would hear from some adults regarding professional and financial matters.

After we are out from the college, all the person you meet as an adult are just acquaintance and not friends. Due to the responsibilities and the mask of matured-ness that we have to put on, we tend to never get as intimate with any person as we used to when we were in schools and colleges.

Oh how we miss those moments with our ‘no good’ friends as our hairlines recede and the remaining hairs turns gray and the lines of smiles and frown gets accentuated deeper on our face.