Monday, 2 February 2015


Sangay scans the assembly ground, the familiar spot where she normally used to be and when he could not find her there his heart skips a beat, he feels that there is no one today on the ground even when the ground is filled with hundreds of pupils.

When she is absent he worries about lots of things about her. What must have happened to her? Is she sick? If she is sick that is fine for she would be back after couple of days; but if she leaves the school it would kill him. Or is she making him feel her absence? That is expecting beyond limits, because they were not paired up and it is doubtful whether she knows about his love towards her.

Other than having couple of meeting of eyes and a coy smile to each other whenever their eyes met for more than once was all that they had. Sangay was not sure what goes through her mind, but whenever she smiles back at him he feels his heart pounding at the rib cage so hard that, he had to look at his friends dreading that they may hear his heart beat.

As they were in different sections the assembly and the meals time is the only occasion that he could feast his eyes giving a sweet, unexplainable pain to his heart. Every day he long for that time when he could see her, and he wish that she be never absent from the assembly and meals. After seeing her and having secret smiles exchanged when their eyes met, his day is made with such small things and becomes very elated turning him into an extrovert kind of a guy.

Sangay dare not write love letters to her because the reciprocation of the feelings would make him crazy and rejection would make him crazier, he likes to remain ignorant of her true feelings enjoying every accidental meetings of eyes and the smiles that accompanies it, whether it is meant for him or not.

The only love note he dared to slide inside her note book was, “Please never ever miss the assembly, coz someone would miss you so badly”. The following day she was not there on the assembly ground. He cursed himself for sliding the note in her notebook.

The drooping, wilting and sad look of otherwise very extrovert and bubbly boy, when She missed the assembly, indicated to her friends that Sangay may be the one who wrote the shortest love epistle, but not beyond doubt.
If some of his friends cared to note, her absence from the school, can be made out from his behaviours. That was the kind of infatuation that Sangay and likes of him used to have during the school days.