Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hide and Sick(seek) – kind of romance….

Sangay visited his Alma meter a couple of years back. The aroma of the night queen just below the road where he parked his car brought the memories flooding back. Somehow the fragrance had linked itself with the memories that were stashed away somewhere in the corners of his brain for long time.  

June, July and August are the best three months that Sangay remembers to be the best time in college. The days were longer, the climatic conditions warmer making it a very suitable time for going for an evening walk, right after dinner. The fragrance of the beautiful flowers, well groomed by the willy-nilly sweat of the students during the SUPW every Wednesday and Saturday under the watchful eyes of ummm (the contemporaries would know without having to name him.) All the fragrance of the flower suppressed by the over powering aroma of night queen (Cestrum nocturnum) which grows right next to the gate oozing scent matching the romantic feelings of the young adults as well as evoking it.

In these months, all the collegians were found on the road walking in the evening, in couples to the envy of those who were still single, in groups and some alone. The favorite place to hang out, being Palas for those with generous and rich parents, for some the Dantak Canteen and for many the walk towards Rongthong and the best place of all is making rounds around the Zangthopelri.

The speed of making rounds around the religious place is directly proportional to the availability of your crush making the same rounds. The faster pace would facilitate crossing with the admirer more times. Sadly, the face cannot be seen, the eyes cannot be met and the smile cannot be exchanged, therefore almost wishing that why can’t the going around the religious site be in any directions – anti clockwise?

A smile and a little talk would make Sangay so happy. Reply for his wishing ‘good evening’ would bring either, ‘good evening’ in sweet voice or laughter from those cute girls who could almost read his mind and silence from the apprehensive ones.  

The brief encounter in library, auditorium, Lab and dining hall and the show of coyness by his crush would make his knees go weak. Accidental meetings on the corridors and the pathways and deliberate ignorance from both sides, would pinch his heart so bad like a thin needle pricked through his heart with a thin thread, and yanking the thread back and forth several times. It was lucky for him that he did not swoon there.

Those were the little heartaches and unexplainable feelings that Sangay and the likes of him enjoyed in the absence of internet, cellular network, FB, Wechat and other social network in Sherubtse College about two decades back. He sits back and wonders whether such things happen now?