Monday, 2 February 2015


The occasional sickness and ailments that reminds us, how vulnerable we are and how some people at some point of time are fighting with the sickness and tolerating the pains that cannot be subsided with the medications or rituals.

The common ailments can be diagnosed and proper medications can be given. The fracture and sprains though painful can be treated without having to determine the cause and the diagnosis.  

The most complicated of all illness is the headache. The causes of the headaches are innumerable and certain malfunctions in some part of the body can be manifested as headache. Google-ing the causes of headache can give you more headaches. Seeing the doctor would amount to taking medicine based on trial and error method which is evident when they say, “If you are not all right after taking these medicines for three days come back”.

Sometimes we tolerate the headache, in the comfort of thinking that it may be a headache due to hangover, though the amount consumed the night before maybe much less than normal, this further threatens us to believe the headache must be something worse than the hangover headache.

That is when we are thankful to the runny nose and lethargic feelings, for it may be the cause of the headache that would go away with the cold. Our empathy for the people suffering from migraines and meningitis improves due to occasional pains that we suffer, inside the skull.

Sleeping would either aggravate or cure the headache; it can be said from our past experiences, most of the time sleeping during the day caused the headache rather than curing. However, there is no harm, keeping the fingers crossed, and trying to shut down the system for a while and reboot afresh once again. Just with the Hope that nagging pain around the temple (perhaps caused by cold) and near medulla oblongata (perhaps caused by uncomfortable pillow) would go away, after we wake up from a catnap.