Monday, 9 February 2015

Handicapped by Care

I feel pity looking at two kittens, which are solely depends on us for food. There were four of them two knew the better of the situation and went away own their own. They must have become a good hunter and getting their food by themselves. The other two who remained in the house do not know what is hunting and needs to be fed. They are handicapped and become dependent on us for food if we are gone and if we are unable to take them with us they may die of hunger.

The giving of care and being compassionate is good but in the long run we are doing more damage to the survival of some that maybe pampered by the kindness. The kindness encourages begging and the lazier ones resort to that for a living. Being compassionate is good and donating for the religious affairs may fetch more merits to us after death. But when alive, it is fetching merits to some who are involved in conduct of the religious affairs, as we may be seeing it but too timid to try to discern it, let alone talk about it.

Someone rightly said that, “Do not handicap your child with too much care”.  I have seen that with so many children including mine. The small children, in the village go to the forest and collect firewood on their own, for such children going to hospitals, market or traveling in bus own their own is like eating a piece of cake. Once you have slept alone on the raised platform made of rough branches, perched precariously on top of a Y shaped support, in the field guarding the wild animals, sleeping in the concrete house in different room alone is comparatively nothing, with parents and others in the some other rooms.

It was surprising to see small children coming to hospital and navigating the complicated formalities without escort. When asked they were the children from financially disadvantaged families. The economic factor plays a great role in making children independent. Most of the children abusing substance, if asked are found to be from a well to do families who have enough money to spare.

Knowledge from the book would be taught in the schools but the skills of survival consisting of being independent, tough, courageous, self discipline and most important of all the knowledge to do things without being told for own self, comes from the way parents deal with the child and being caring but not overprotective.

Being kind and caring is good but we should be careful not to handicap the receiver, be it human or animal, in long run with our kindness.