Monday, 16 February 2015

Eating Meat with Guilt

Yeah we all know that eating meat is not good for the health of the animals. Therefore our forefathers have chosen which animals to eat and which not to. The meats of dogs, cats and horses are not eaten in Bhutan, I say in Bhutan because in some other countries they can be consumed. Even chickens were not eaten couple of decades back except in the southern part of the country.

Due to the globalization the time is not far that consuming meat of all the animals would no more be a taboo just like the meat of the egg laying birds. It had now become normal to eat chicken and considered delicacy by most of the Bhutanese.

The tshethar tshogpas are doing great job in saving the life of the animals by saving them from under the knife of the butcher, saving from the guillotine brings more publicity than elsewhere. After that what? What happens to the saved animals? Ownerless domestic animals roaming around in the forest would not be safe for the life of the animals and the farmer’s gardens.

Next one month the meat would be religiously banned. The non vegetarians would be busy stocking the meat that would last for one month. Without suitable substitute for protein from the meat that would be the only option.

It is a pity to be eating meat but on the positive side for some animals the death is far better than the life that they are undergoing, pulling enormous carts and ploughing the vast fields without proper food and rest. The sufferings end once and for all, if they come under the butcher knife.

I am non vegetarian and eat all types of meet, with all the hype to sympathize the animals; I am, well, eating with lots of guilt. But I never order any living being to be slaughtered for me and only me. The only solace is that I eat beef and not cow, I eat pork and not pig, and I eat mutton and not sheep/goat. I will never eat what my ancestors had not taught me to eat, like horses, dogs, cats, grasshoppers, octopus snakes, etc. Well, what about fish and chicken?? Guilt, guilt guilt…..