Thursday, 26 February 2015

Being Host and a Guest

The internal connection of the motor able road link between: Nganglam and Pangbang, Nganglam and Pemagatshel and very soon Nganglam and Mongar, and due to the full throttle running of the cement factory, I have started receiving guest in this god forsaken place and got chance to rekindle the feelings of playing a good host after six years which, otherwise, was almost forgotten.

It is easier to be a good host to the person who are close to you, for they won’t mind a bit of flaws or assume things that were not meant. The loquacious guests are easier to entertain and those with common past like classmates and course mates takes away the night trying to catch up about all the accomplishments and failures in each others life.

When I saw my maternal uncle, I invited him to my house, which he graciously accepted. He is a shrewd businessman despite being illiterate. He had done very well raising his status from being a khalasi (helper of a driver) to the proud owner of a couple of buildings and trucks.

The point is that - when he reached my house, he initiated the conversation and it flowed through many topics without any inhibitions or awkward moments. There was no hesitation in him or those feeling that we educated lots have – this-things-I-better-keep-to-myself or I-better-not-divulge-this, etc.

Later I was wondering – Is it education that make us inhibited? I have found out that a literate and educated lot are more reserved and takes time to open up. They are more self conscious and almost introvert. Silent and reserved guest are better left in the hotel rooms alone with a TV. With experience I have found out that the higher the qualification the better listener they become and when two good listeners meet the conversation goes for a six.

For a host like me, a guest who talks as much as he listens is preferred anytime. A silent, reserved, introvert and an expressionless guest is a nightmare to have as a guest, unless they are close relative.