Saturday, 14 February 2015

Ambition and Aptitude

“What is your ambition?” - Is the question that I avoid asking children, because firstly they are too young to know what they would like to become and secondly, and most importantly, what you want to become is not dictated by your desire but it is dictated by how you perform in the exams and the way you are shortlisted based solely on the mark sheet.

Aren’t we going wrong somewhere? What about the aptitude? What about the ambition of the child that they looked forward to until now? without talking about the children who did not qualify but about the ones who made it. That may be the reasons for having disgruntled doctors, engineers and other service providers.

It pains to leave your favorite subjects and go in a field of study that you have never liked or prepared for. It happened to me and I know how it feels; the brilliant student who nearly fails in college or who just gives up on studying. Aptitude and interest plays an important role to harness the full potential of a person that we seem not to bother. If you like what you are doing, then there is no pains involved and it is like playing.

I had friends, who were interested to join the Armed Force and seen wearing the camouflage uniform in school and college days, they would proudly say that their ambition is to become army officer. Some of them performed so well and had to continue their studies, due to pressure from parents and relatives, landing themselves up in the job they did not like.

Life is too short to turn back after what had been chosen or made to choose. It would be too luxurious to have double degrees, though not illegal like in some countries. Aptitude testing and its intricacies may take time if not done from the schools and colleges, but it would be better conducted than not. Instead of being driven by the availability of seats and the marks scoured in the exam, taking in consideration of the aptitude and interest for those qualified for further studies would create a happier society.

I scored above sixty percent in all subjects and was eligible for the science stream, for which I had a better aptitude. But sadly when the short listing list came I was enrolled in Arts. It was like, either you take it or leave it. Oh! how I hated the subjects in arts except for English and Geography. Funny part is that I have to give up Geography if I wanted to study Computer Science. I opted for Computer Science with heavy heart deciding from there on that I will be just scraping through to become what I am now.

Namesake interviewing faculties, their expression on the face and the way they sat on the sitting arrangement made in arc asking me, “What will you do if you do not get enrolled in science?”  What will I bloody do? Do I have any f&%*&g options? I have come all the way here to the only college and my parents are not stinking rich. If I have not qualified would I have come here? You people are so intimidating.

“Sir, I will take arts sir” And based on that they have given me arts, great way to see the aptitude. I cannot forget that incident together with people who shaped my destiny on that fateful day.

However, Buddhism taught us to take it in stride, considering it as destiny and no one can change that. This philosophy prevents most of us from getting into depression.