Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Smell of Rotten Socks

It had been quite some time that I did not smell the rotten socks. And I was thinking, why did the so common rotten socks smell associated with the rich, during the yonder days who could afford a shoe has now become, uncommon.

When I was a kid, I thought that the smell that oozed out of the shoe was the smell of shoe and that it was suppose to stink the way it did. During gatherings where there used to be the requirement of removing the shoes, the cocktail of stinking shoes would make you dizzy if you are not accustomed to it. No amount of thick ‘sang’ and ‘sur’ would be able to suppress the stench; instead it makes a new cocktail for the olfactory chamber, an aromatic stink! Closing the nose is not an option for the fear that it will enter through the mouth, which is even worse.

During school days the hostel used to be filled with the same stench. Different house would have different but same smell. The olfactory chambers of the dwellers are so used to, to the smell that they did not feel the smell any more. But the occasional inspection of the warden and the principal would be a quick one inside the dorm, due to the stench. More the stench less frequent the inspections, a blessing in disguise.

When one of the lady teacher entered the hostel, she covered her nose with multi folded hanky which did not help much, to block the smell, for she puked right after coming out of the hostel, to the amusement of the cocktail gas inhalers and the dwellers of the nasty, smelly, den called hostel, with gas emitting from the ‘naughty boy’ shoe due to continuous wearing making it deadlier by days.

Entering the biology lab required the shoes to be removed. That time, however, the stench would be lesser because of the presence of girls and the smelly socks  are stashed away rolled in perfect roll minimizing the oozing of the deadly stench. But this made it even deadlier for the later - the suppressed stench that would be released in the hostel. It would put the skunk to shame had there been skunk here, in Bhutan.

Who would not like to stay smelling sweet like rose? Those days even the elders used to have the stench of the feet that it is almost connected proudly with owning a shoe. So for the students it would be at the maximum a pair of uniform shoes and a pair of sports shoes. The force 10 sport shoe is a real killer in terms of oozing the dreaded stink; it can even raise the students who had fainted, back to consciousness, if put close to the nose. That strong it is..hahahhah.

Lack of such smell is the sign of development, for pupils now have more than one pair of shoes and the water is abundant to wash. Moreover, the smell producer are not looked up to but looked down as a dirty swine. The realization of the shoes not supposed to stink had set in, in the minds of the people and set in for good.