Monday, 19 January 2015

The Miracle Potion

I was thinking of writing about my contemplation of giving up a drink, no, not water, neither tea nor hot water, I mean the alcohol. As I was weighing the pros and cons of drinking alcohol, I have decided not to give up the miracle stuff. What I would drink, when I am happy, If not alcohol? What will I drink, when I m sad, If not alcohol? What will I drink, when I feel that I have no courage left? What will I drink, when I feel cold? What will I drink, when I feel hot? What will I drink, when I feel bored?

This magic drink can be used for all the occasions. How boring it would be to drink just tea or hot water like most of the Bhutanese, during parties and gatherings. Without the alcohol you will have no one to blame for your misconduct. Misconduct! That is secretly enjoyed by all, but the hypocrisy and prudery holding us back. Because of alcohol, you can do whatever you like and the next day being sober, you can blame the alcohol which is removed by your system already. True colours are shown and truths are told, relieving yourself for keeping it bolted up inside you just because of the little kick that you got from the consumption of alcohol.

You can see young guys (gals included too) drinking because they have qualified. At the same time another group may be drinking because they did not make it. For happiness, for sadness, for celebration, for remorse, for everything it can be had. But the limit should be maintained. the upper limit of the drink keeps on increasing once you have started having it, for some, until their legs hangs freely, from their tummy, so they might be feeling, for they could not stand upright. It is for such person that alcohol should be stopped and not for me and the likes. After all there is nothing illegal in consuming it unless you are driving.

Alcohol is the only drink where you say “cheers” and clink the glasses, to satisfy the sense of hearing. It is said that there is sense of touch, sense of taste, sense of seeing and only the hearing is left behind, so as to satisfy that you clink the glass producing sound.

The sad fact is that some people tend to become or think himself as expert driver once the drink is gone inside. It endangers not only his life but the life of all the people in the car. Such people normally like the steering wheel of the car and they won’t listen to anybody but they do not live long either.

It really amazes me when people drink hot water like whiskey or a tea, as if there is some taste. The taste of water is bland. There is not taste. I don’t know from where it started – the drinking of hot water in Bhutan, one of my friend from foreign country was surprised that hot water can be consumed like that in formal gatherings. It is mostly the high officials that resort to drinking hot water, and for a sensible drinker like me it is the indication of a person, who is drinking hot water, that he/she if consumes alcohol would drink until the leg hang loose from the tummy, therefore avoiding it, and instead having a hot water; hot water because they will not be able to gulp it down so quickly being hot, from the huge mug.

The availability and the abundance of the bars is another thing that keeps the drinkers happy in Bhutan. Even in the most remote places you may not find a medical shop but bar, don’t even doubt about it. Even if the bar is not there, there would be locally brewed alcohol that would give you the same kick barring hangover the next day if there is some inconsistencies in concoctions, and inconsistencies are always consistent in locally brewed alcohol. The connoisseurs can judge whether the concoction will give you a hangover or not just by taking a sip, using his palm to form a conical cup, pouring it there from the bottle and sipping from the palm, making the wine roll in his mouth and cover his tongues by making a movement of his mouth like a fish just out of the water.

The only bad thing about alcohol is that it gives you a very bad hangover. Hangover is the sign of excessive consumption the day earlier. Alcoholic say that it can be cured by having a shot again, but I never tried that. Hangover is a killer but once you have started enjoying the hangover also that is the time you are becoming addict; for you are not drinking to feel little tipsy but to have a hangover which may require heavy doses.
I m not alcoholic but it is a bad habit no matter what. And I m not leaving that bad habit any time soon due to the reasons I explained before. Another bad habit that I have – my classmates and intimate friends know it – is that I do not read my article again and check it. I m not making exception here, so please forgive my typos and some mistakes. After all you are not going to award me marks, I have not read my essays again when the reader can award me marks - old habit die hard.

(In no way I m encouraging people to drink alcohol. It is a light hearted article written for the entertainment purpose only. Those who have not started drinking do not try those who have started drinking carry on but have a good limit)