Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Masks that We Wear

It is when we play any kinds of games that, the raw inner self of a person is displayed. If you want to know a person in depth, play games together.

Otherwise it would take long time to know a person due to the fact that, we are master of disguise. And on top of that, the condition of human mind to deny the fact to keep itself happy, obscures the truth further. It is said that 99% of spouse of the criminals, when interviewed after the crime says that “Oh, he can’t hurt even a fly.” Even with the parents of the junkies the ‘denial’ delays the corrective measures being implemented, before it is too late. No parents could imagine that their child could be doing drugs and shut their mind towards that to be happy. And when parents and relatives have a strong denial, it is hard to report the matter to them until, it is too late. The same goes to the flirty spouses and the secret so open, remains secret to spouse only.

We wear mask in office as a boss or as a subordinates that suits our work. The mask is removed and replaced when at home in front of wife. The beauty of that mask is directly proportional to the love that you may have for the lady back home. Some become gentle, some become bossy, some become threatening and some become loving and caring; Above all this the mask of ‘acting normal’ is the most dangerous mask of all. If you are normal it need not be acted. This shows that there are difficulties involved in changing the mask and the baggage from the work place is being brought home and it can burst any time, with a little provocation as asking “How is your day, today?”

We have mask for every occasions for every person. Once you know the person behind the mask we either bond strongly or avoid accordingly. After that the physical beauty or the ugliness does not matter much. We even fail to see the faults that our friends may have on their features.

After understanding this, it won’t be surprising for us to see a beautiful lady having the ugliest person as a husband. She might be knowing the person behind the physical appearance. Beauty is indeed, just a skin deep.

And if you want to know the person behind the mask, game on…………..