Monday, 12 January 2015

The Hearsay Society

We tend to take the views from our friends and families, whenever a decision has to be taken. Even when we buy a new stuff as trifle as a new cream or soap, we take the opinion from the shopkeeper knowing well that he would say something good about the stuff he sells. We are hungry about the information about everything, how true of false it may be, can be seen only after we experience/use it.

But when the verbal opinion of the friends and enemies alike are taken for a person, concerning his or her career that is the time, we face with the question of morality. In other countries, there is a system of taking that opinion from the previous employer in written known as ‘referee’, in that, negative comments cannot be given the maximum negative thing that they can write there would be “No comments”.

Out here it had become an acceptable trend to know about the person’s background through other networks. Before a person reaches his place of posting his pictures had been painted: good picture by his friends and bad picture by his not so good friends. It is up to the person to prove them wrong or to reconfirm it. If it is proved wrong the informers gets a tag for himself as a lair, and ready to be fed later if asked by some about him. If it is proved true, well, he knows the person well.

There is no harm in knowing about the person in advance, but trying to know a person and paint a picture of him/her through hearsay, regarding the advancement in his or her career is a debatable issue. I heard an apt saying, ‘if the boss is liked by all his subordinates he is not performing his duties well’. Therefore, the great performing boss would have so many negative information and feedbacks ready to be shared.

I wonder about the information that my friends might provide about me, if asked. I have neither been helpful nor harmful friend to anyone. Given a chance we could counter each negative input; but that is the luxury provided to a few.

It is a sure sign of down fall for that person, if you come across a person who says, “I don’t care about what others think about me.” In our society more than the capabilities and the certificates, the opinion of the others matter a lot. The verbal picture (pen picture) of you can be painted, with the hues and shades that you provide to the people around you, and it is transmitted through so many networks.

Nothing is loathsome more than a fake people, whose cover can be blown quite easily. Being sincere, honest, truthful and loyal to the profession and tsawa sum would keep our conscience clear irrespective of the grotesque verbal picture that may be painted elsewhere…