Saturday, 24 January 2015

The circle of care

The radius of care, like the radius of radar forming circle which rotates around the pivot point in the center, the radius of care should increase as we raise higher up in the position in civil service as well as in private companies. This would create harmony in the organization that we serve.

The man working in lowest rug in an organization would have his circle of care small - for his family and his job. But the manager of the company not only has to take care of his families; he should also see the welfare of the families of his subordinates and oversee their jobs he should make his circle of care bigger and the radius longer.

The most saddening part is that this is not happening in most of our organizations. The main cause of disgruntlement as I gather from the casual talk is this – the managers and the people at the higher ups having small circle of care. If he is ok and comfortable rest are fine. And down the line individual circles are formed, circle of just caring oneself. How disharmonic? created from the top down.

Had our people at the higher up in the ladder of profession extended the radius covering his whole organization a concentric circles one within the other would be formed creating a good bond and hard to disintegrate type of organizational relations.

Welfare of one’s family members is important but welfare of people under you becomes more important once you are the boss. It is the cumulative outputs of the each individual in the organization that results in making or breaking the organization. And the output is directly proportionate to the capability of the man at the top, his capability and encouragement for the subordinates lies in the radius of circle of care.

It is the show of care and kindness that evokes care and kindness back. You would not have to resort to demanding respect if you make the circle a little bigger and include everyone in it. Just a simple question, “How are you?” in response to the subordinates “good morning sir” would create wonders.

The increase of the positions in the service rug can be seen by all with the insignia – kapney, patang and the likes that you put on and through media coverage saying so and so got promoted to this and that positions. But the proportionate increase in the radius of care can be felt by the people serving under you and they will not be able to point it out to you, and the worse thing is that you will not know it yourself unless you put a conscious effort of putting the comfort of the organization and the people serving under you before your comfort.

(This is just the feelings of individual serving in an organization where the rising up in the professional rug is a part and parcel of the job and where there is a proper hierarchy, like in many other organizations. It is just a personal thought and refers to none)