Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Soldier Soldier

Is it being illiterate?
That led to being sincere.

Is it due to the training?
That led to obedience

Is it being destitute?
That led to loyalty

Is it due to upbringing?
That led to honesty

These are our men in uniform
Whose demands so less
Their wants too little

With just one room apartment
Joyous as having a suite
Satisfied and never complaining

A little pat on the back
Shows an easy sparkle of the teeth
Never breaking into a laugh

A little reprimand on their face
Shows easy sparkle in their eyes
Never breaking into a cry

Expert in hiding the emotions
Less spoken in front of the superior
Loquacious with the peers  

Innovative and inventive in times of need
Jack of all trade
Master in just one

Carving, painting, building and repairing
Like a handymen to toil
In the time of peace

Rescuing, recovering, reconstructing and firefighting
Like an angle to the eyes
In the times of disaster

Patrolling, ambushing, raiding and attacking
Like a true soldier to the nation
In the times of crises

The force ready for deployment lie dormant
Like a white elephant as maybe referred
By the economist and the public alike

With their demands so less
Yet loyalty that may put the dogs to shame
Meek and gentle waiting for orders

With their wants so trifle
Yet serve to the perils of their life
Tramping along with chest held high

However belittled during the fair days
Springs to life marching in tandem
Rendering a helping hand to one and all

Expert in hiding emotions
Thus lie dormant
Ready to respond when remembered

Remembered they are
Just as God and protecting deities
Only during the times of crises

Above feelings of love and hate they are
If the culprit crosses the path
Subdued without remorse or regret

For the greater good they honor
Country comes before own comfort
Expert in hiding emotions
Never to forget that he is just a human too …………